Native Drums Teachers Homepage

Canadian Teachers of grades 4-12 classes can find free, downloadable, printable Teachers Resource Kits directly relating to provincial curricula. These materials are usable as is or customizable for use in the classroom, and include lesson plans, references to background materials, in-class exercises, quizzes, and grading rubrics. We hope you find these materials useful!

Themed Resource Kits

The Native Drums Teachers’ resources are organized into themed downloadable resource kits. Each kit contains an index card giving broad contextual information about the kit, references to specific mandated provincial learning objectives and units covered, and key concepts covered in the kit.

About the Modules

The kits are broken down in to modules. Each module contains a brief lesson plan, educational expectations and opportunities, source, contextual, and background materials, references to additional relevant materials and suggested supplementary materials, suggested teaching strategies, in-class exercises, quizzes, and grading rubrics. Modifiable source files are provided for each module, or they can be downloaded as a complete theme package.

Curriculum Correlation Guide

The resource kits and modules contained herein relate directly to provincially mandated learning objectives in the provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Which learning objectives and degree fit to these provincially specified learning objectives is explored and discussed in the Native Drums Curriculum Correlation Grids. One grid for each of Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia is provided. Teachers from other provinces are encouraged to make their own determination of utility and fitness for other grades and subjects, and to use or modify the materials provided to suit their needs. This information is not intended to be exhaustive or authoritative, but has been created to help Teachers orient the Native Drums teaching materials within their provincial mandates.

Curriculum Correlation Guide

Common Themes Guide

Additionally, a chart of common themes is provided to give teachers contextual information regarding the specific learning materials on this site. The common themes chart is meant to provide an overview of themes discussed on the website, and insight into how they may be used in the classroom. A backgrounder can also be downloaded giving a brief overview of important dates in the relationship of the First Peoples of what is now Canada with settlers. In addition,  a document with links for guidance concerning special needs has been provided.

Educational Use License

The Native Drums Teachers’ resources kits are free to download and use for use in Canadian Classrooms. They have been released with a limited use educational license, and as such teachers can download, print, and modify them to suit learning objectives and teaching situations, or use them in their entirety, without fees.

Accessibility Notes

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