Aboriginal: A person of descent from the First Peoples of this land now called Canada. A term that was originally associated with the indigenous people of Australia. More recently it has been largely replaced in Canada by Indigenous.

Bentside Boxes: A form of solid wood box common to many BC cultures. Constructed from a single plank of wood (cedar) which is grooved, steamed and then bent to make the box.

Dance Arbour: the central area at the pow wow site containing the singers and drummers area with the space for all the dancers. This is the area where most of the activity of the pow-wow takes place.

Frame Drum: Any drum with a hide stretched over a wood frame.

Honour Ceremony: A ceremony where a person or group is recognized for their contribution to a community or organization. Often this is done through “honour songs” and the giving of special gifts.

Intertribal Dance: A specific kind of dance held at the Powwow where everyone may dance. An opportunity for all races and cultures to join together in friendship and harmony.

Jingle Dress: A special dress used in the Jingle dress dance by women. Considered a healing dance, women dance to heal the people. The dress worn by these dancers is covered with rows of tin cones that jingle when the woman dances.

Kettle: As used in its archaic form meaning a large open topped pot or cauldron.

Lap or Lap Joint: the overlapping joint where the wood on the drum frame is overlapped and thinned to make a solid , even join.

Medicine stone: A small stone that has symbolic meaning to a person and often serves as a reminder of a specific time, place or special event of spiritual importance in that persons life.

Metis: People descending from interracial marriage between Indigenous and those of European settler or non-Indigenous heritage.

Objet d’Art: Art Object – something to be bought and sold for purely decorative or investment purposes.

Snares: A long piece of rawhide or sinew that is strung across the drumhead that buzzes when the drum is struck. Sometimes the snare is also strung with small wooden sticks or bones.

Sweat – Sweatlodge: A purification ceremony involving the use of heat, steam and prayer. This  ceremony was originally just for the men but is now becoming a universal method for spiritual cleansing and preparation for important spiritual or personal work for both men and women.

Water Drum: A small to medium sized drum which uses a small, hollowed out log for the body and the head is secured with a hoop. Water in the body keeps the head moist and provides the resonance.

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