Carleton University and The Sumner Group Inc., along with our project partners wish to acknowledge the support of the Canadian Cultural Online Program (CCOP) of the Department of Canadian Heritage. Apart from the creation of this educational web project, CCOP funding also provided hands-on, practical experience for Indigenous students in their field of study through research positions and internship programs.

Native Drums was a collaboration of 12 institutional partners, which included over 60 people, from across Canada.

Editorial Review Board

  • Dr. Elaine Keillor, C.M.
  • Cle-alls, Dr. John Medicine Horse Kelly
  • Dr. Franziska von Rosen


  • Michelle Braun
  • Alan Corbiere
  • Rohahes Iain Phillips
  • Dr. Ruth Phillips
  • Taynar Simpson
  • Andrew Tracy
  • Lana Whiskeyjack

Individual Contributors

  • Jerry Alfred
  • John Kim Bell
  • William Commanda
  • Barbara Assiginaak
  • Luci Dufresne
  • Sarah Ekomiak
  • William Ekomiak
  • Leela Gilday
  • Jani Lauzon
  • Michael McCord
  • Paul Nadjiwan
  • Nathalie Picard
  • Kendra Tagoona
  • Paul Théberge
  • Tzo’kam (Russell Wallace)
  • Chris Villebrun- Tootoosis
  • Ray Villebrun (Red Blaze Band)

Teachers’ Advisory Group

  • Neil Christopher
  • Jennifer Shavluk
  • Jared Hunt
  • Herbert Shields
  • Helen Prince
  • Denis Braun
  • Angie Shaheen
  • Mary McClory
  • Gerard Boyer
  • Phil Archer
  • Dana Cotnam
  • Darlene Speidel
  • Susan Davidson
  • Michelle Workman
  • Debbie Cohen Savage

Administration and Public Relations

  • Julie Carl, Public Relations
  • Darlene Gilson, Project Administrator
  • Marie-Elaine Guenette, Project Accountant
  • Mary Moylum, Partnership Liaison

Production Team

  • Frank Krzyzewski, Production Manager
  • Usha Gogireddy, Interactivity Programmer
  • Michelle Braun, Educational Content Developer
  • Dave Anderson, Audio Video Post Production
  • Julio Levia, Database Programmer
  • David McCallum, Metadata Consultant
  • Eric Wellman, Web Developer
  • John Tenasco, Artist, Concept Development
  • Mark Seabrook, Artist/Illustrator
  • Edward Solodukhin, Lead Graphic Designer
  • Sarolta Gyoker, Graphic Design
  • Ramesh Thambi, Web Graphics Production
  • Denise Kupferschmid, Tech Support
  • Saida Belais, Translation
  • Jessy LaPointe, French translation
  • Lauren Kupferschmid, Translation Intern

Special Thanks

Earl Daniels, for creating and sharing the opensource Contentor Content Management software, used for the original website.   This opensource software was modified for the creation of Native Drums. Gratitude is expressed to Judy Lee, Library & Archives Canada, for her feedback and advice throughout the project. Karl Tombak redesigned and modified the website.


Native Drums has been created through the good graces of the Creator and the generous contributions of all the partners, project personnel, and funding agencies.